[games_access] Top 3 for indie games

K k at kellyrued.net
Sat Apr 1 06:14:28 EST 2006

Hi everyone,

I know you all are very busy but I have a tiny request for the accessibility
gurus. Can someone help brainstorm a Top 3 must-have accessibility features
list for small indie games to include. I know it might be hard to choose
only 3 features but as an indie developer, we are really strapped trying to
get our core features in and while I'd love to at least make a start at
including accessibility features, it's hard to give them priority over core
game mechanics and sub-systems. 

I think a lot of indie game devs would be able to adopt a base standard if
we knew what accessibility features seemed to benefit the widest user base
to make the most impact across the board and help differently abled gamers
(including older gamers, etc.) to enjoy our games. If we could get the
basics of these features into free/open libraries in different languages and
platforms, all the better for fitting it into a tight dev schedule.

Any thoughts on what the 3 "big" features might be to improve a game's
accessibility? Or do you really need to invest in more than that to make an




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