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I would say:

1) subtitling and captioning of all sound  (hearing disabilities cover about 
2 to 3% of accessibility problems and is quite easy to do)
2) adjustable control options (mouse keyboard, etc.) (for motoric 
3) difficulty/speed options (for motoric and cognitive disabilities)

This leaves out visual disabilties completely but you asked for a realistic 
Top 3... anyone?




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> Hi everyone,
> I know you all are very busy but I have a tiny request for the 
> accessibility
> gurus. Can someone help brainstorm a Top 3 must-have accessibility 
> features
> list for small indie games to include. I know it might be hard to choose
> only 3 features but as an indie developer, we are really strapped trying 
> to
> get our core features in and while I'd love to at least make a start at
> including accessibility features, it's hard to give them priority over 
> core
> game mechanics and sub-systems.
> I think a lot of indie game devs would be able to adopt a base standard if
> we knew what accessibility features seemed to benefit the widest user base
> to make the most impact across the board and help differently abled gamers
> (including older gamers, etc.) to enjoy our games. If we could get the
> basics of these features into free/open libraries in different languages 
> and
> platforms, all the better for fitting it into a tight dev schedule.
> Any thoughts on what the 3 "big" features might be to improve a game's
> accessibility? Or do you really need to invest in more than that to make 
> an
> impact?
> Cheers,
> Kelly
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