[games_access] Top 3 for indie games

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Sat Apr 1 13:22:09 EST 2006

> 1: Adjustability of game features
> 1.1 speed
> 1.2 difficulty level
> 1.3 etc.

I'll add in "1.4 scalable fonts/UI"

It makes for more than three, but I think that four is still 
a pretty managable number.

1) Reconfigurable controls
2) Difficulty/speed options
3) Closed Captioning
4) Scalable fonts/UI

Richard's ideas were good ones...configurability of such 
features is good, and how such items are implemented depend 
entirely on the type of game being created.  However, on top 
of these suggestions, there's nothing like play-testing with 
someone who would have accessibility needs.  Hop on various 
mailing lists to lurk for possible beta-testers.  Hook up 
with local accessibility groups.  Get some warm bodies with 
accessibility needs in there to give your game a whack.  It 
shouldn't take much to scare up someone colorblind, with low 
vision, with mobility imparements, or that is 
hard-of-hearing/deaf.  The local high-school or college may 
be able to put you in touch with some younger blood that has 
an itching for playing games.  Local retirement communities 
might have some "spunky live-wires" that would love to try 
out a new video game, yet have physical limitations such as 
low vision, arthritis, hearing loss, etc.  Nothing beats 
that feeling of watching somebody use your product for the 
first time and struggle to do something you thought was 
easy...especially if there's a trivial fix to make it easier 
for them.

just a few thoughts...


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