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Hi again Robert - thought I'd reply to this e-mail separately,

The Universal Accesibility presentation was actually by Giannis Georgalis (http://www.ics.forth.gr/hci/ua-games/), based on some of the fantastic work going on there with Universal design. Mine and Eric's bit surrounded that which is starting to go up on-line here (http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/2/ARTICLES/physical-barriers.htm).

The Scan and Select software you would be best asking Giannis about directly. In the mean while you may be interested in the following scan and select software which is open source (in the language Pearl): http://www.pvoice.org/ - Might not be ideal for games, but may be handy for ideas.

There are some really helpful, friendly programmers at www.retroremakes.co.uk - who may be able to help you regarding easy game making applications and support.

One fine game, and really nice example of basic scan and select software can be found in "Alice Amazed": http://www.michi.nu/alice/index.php - The programmers kindly allowed their game to be included on the free CD Thomas was distributing, so if you have a copy - it's on there in the One Switch Games folder.

Best of luck, Robert, You're making me want to dust off my creaky programming skills,


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I really love your PowerPoint presentation it's too bad that you couldn't present this you should definitely work on it and present it next year I think we can get some big names to be speakers at our next sessions and round tables to bring greater interest and more people.  I'll work on a relationship with David Perry from shiny entertainment after telling him about how I play his game with my mouth he wanted to put me in touch with his development team so we will see where that leads and Sony already seems to be interested according to Michelle after I think when I talk to them at their booth which is really cool.  I really loved your presentation thank you for sharing it with us again.  I do not understand the program part I must understand the scanning software is it free or did you have to program that?  I want to start making games in flash.  Can I use the scanning embedded scanning technique you use for the chess game on flash games do you think or is it too difficult with programming and so on?  I really want to learn please let me know how I can find out how to use the software used?

Thanks again.

Robert Florio


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