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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sun Apr 2 23:35:55 EDT 2006

Yeah, we probably can't start our own offshoot company within the SIG 
since we are more of a lobbying group. And financially we don't have 
independence from the IGDA so we can't take payments. And even if we 
did have more financial autonomy, we might not legally be able to be 
a "company" within an organization. That's probably why Jason gave 
some mixed signals about that.

I am starting a game accessibility consulting company (more later 
once the ink is dry on the legal documents) but this list probably 
isn't the right place to discuss in detail a private company of my 

There are lots of possibilities, though, for the GA project that 
Richard and Sander are behind, the SIG, Moby Games, etc to all band 
together to start some sort of accessibility ratings standard or at 
least a way to start adding accessibility info on games in a public 
database. This would be something that we, as a SIG, could support 
without a doubt because it's more about facilitating information 
exchange than about monetary exchange.

Ok, sorry if that didn't make much sense -- I'm really tired at the moment!!
Chair, IGDA Game Accessibility SIG

>Michelle and others I've been thinking about this when I was at the 
>GDC at the ESRB roundtable and I really good interview actually 
>videotaping the main speaker who put his foot in his mouth and 
>didn't really know how to make games accessible but got some great 
>gestures for starting something to review games accessible.
>Kelly just suggested a organization or someone who actually plays 
>these games and rates them accessible and companies will be 
>interested in paying for that service which is something I 
>definitely was told by three people game developers at that 
>roundtable they would be interested in pursuing. 
>I already asked Rudy and Jason actually Jason more who run the 
>scholars program for the GDC igda not sure about all igda forums.  I 
>get kind of a mixed-signal not really sure he wants to turn one of 
>our forums into some sort of company.
>This is something needed and I personally would be willing to create 
>this sort of fund and like Kelly suggested recruiting people to test 
>these games.  As long as I can get around to having to pay taxes 
>thing because the state will take away all my services once I make 
>money so I'm waiting until I graduate to really go for the huge 
>payoff with a game company so anyone have any thoughts how this 
>accessibility forum igda can be used for this sort of service hiring 
>In the back of my mind I'm thinking of turning my web site a portion 
>of it into something like this so developers can go to an area 
>hopefully my web site because I'm put in all the effort and get all 
>of you guys to help me start something new for testing games that 
>these developers send to us.  And then doing what Michelle suggest 
>getting that company to do a press release to all the magazines or 
>whoever press releases go to some of these accessibility groups know 
>this information will start purchasing more names which causes 
>developers to get more money. I think they would pay for that kind 
>of service from me for example if I started something like that or 
>anyone else.  Any thoughts?
>(Attn: Richard) let me know again how I can work with your forum to 
>be the forum adviser or researcher as you suggested you would need 
>to do for physically challenged disabilities with gaming?  Thanks.
>Robert Florio
><http://www.RobertFlorio.com>www.RobertFlorio.com  All about Art and 
>Game Accessibility
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