[games_access] Gamasutra Article

Giannis Georgalis jgeorgal at ics.forth.gr
Mon Apr 3 06:57:57 EDT 2006

On Friday 31 March 2006 21:37, Thomas H. Buscaglia wrote:
> Hey Gang
> Thanks for letting me participate at the GA
> dealio at GDC.  It was a good time and a real eye
> opener for me.  As some of you may know, I do a
> monthly Game Law feature for Gamasutra.com.  My
> next article will be on Accessibility in
> Games.  (Universal ??? - whatever that positive term of art was).
> Anyway, if you have some sites that you would
> like me to consider mentioning in the article,
> let me have em.  Since it is a Law column I
> intend to focus on 508, tax credits and ADA
> issues with games in public places.  May help raise awareness.


I think our universally accessible games site would be worth mentioning, as it 
contains information on our work on universally accessible games and 
universal accessibility in general. It also includes references to some 
related publications and has links to many related on-line resources.


Thank you,

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