[games_access] Top 3 for indie games

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Apr 4 15:30:17 EDT 2006

>but my main point is: different
>games need different accessibility features...
>Hi Richard,
>I second that opinion
>Even making a top-ten list is hard, so to narrow it down to just 
>three things gets impossible unless you know what type of game it is

yeah, unfortunately, Kelly, in the end that's what it does come down 
to. what richard and thomas are saying is not meant to scare you guys 
away from accessibility at all -- in fact i know that we all applaud 
you for wanting to figure out how to get started in including 
accessibility into your design process.

so this is where we need the help of indie and mainstream devs -- to 
let us know what main features are super important to the game (ie, 
will someone have just as much fun playing the game with no sound or 
is sound essential?). so maybe one way to approach it is to ask "ok, 
all of our games are similar in a, b, and c" so what if a gamer were 
deaf -- wow, ok, so they wouldn't be able to understand "c" at all so 
it looks like we need some kind of alternative feedback -- maybe that 
would be subtitling or maybe a vibration feature.

so when we ask what your main features are, we don't mean to be coy 
-- we want to help and so we want a little more feedback on what you 
think the main problems will be (and you can get very general -- i 
understand about not wanting to post full game info on a mailing list 
before the games are done!) and we can help you come up with some top 
suggestions that will help you get the most mileage with the 
accessibility features you choose.

i hope that helps some! this is a great conversation -- thanks for 
starting it and thanks for being interested in including accessible 
features! :)

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