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Re: [games_access] Top 3 for indie games*quote*
to let us know what main features are super important to the game (ie, will someone have just as much fun playing the game with no sound or is sound essential?). 
*quote end*

Sound providing fun or sound being essential are really two different things. Therefore I'd like to devide your comment in two, for example by these:

1) Is the gamer able to play/finish/win the game without sound or is sound essential (or a critial point) for playing/finishing/winning the game?*
2) Is sound used specifically to stimulate/communicate with the gamer on certain levels** (and is this done solely by game audio?) or is the sound simply an auditory background texture simply because the game is otherwise silent***?



* for example: Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time can not be finished without listening to the sound in one level which provides a vital clue on how to get out of the level.
** provide the game with a cultural context, amplify the emotional state of the game, etc. 
*** anyone using sound in a game like this should not be making games, in my opinion, but it happens a lot ;)****
**** or :(
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