[games_access] Another list...

AudioGames.net richard at audiogames.net
Tue Apr 4 18:16:19 EDT 2006


I've had an idea for some time which I'd like to share with you... it is 
something I would like to do for the "Game Accessibility"-project originally 
but it is something we could also do together with the SIG and share the 

We've talked about several Top10 lists this (last) week, one of which was a 
list of features that game developers are already using in their games. I 
would like to make a list (not a Top10, but hopefully a huge list) of 
developers that are making accessible games or making games accessible to 
some degree. For example, in one of the movies there is John from Flying Lab 
Software, in which he explains how they are conciously doing something with 
accessibility in their game. I would like to have a list of such companies. 
Not only to praise these companies and give them a bit of spotlight for 
their efforts, but to set an example for other developers ("You Too Could Be 
On This List...!" and hopefully to get companies in contact with each other 
so that they can look at each others work and share knowledge.

What do you think?

Richard (who yesterday made a one-switch game for fun in less than 15 
minutes ;)


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