[games_access] GDC Video's

AudioGames.net richard at audiogames.net
Tue Apr 4 18:24:57 EDT 2006

> The videos were great with regard to content! Oh I would add that i'm 
> chair of the IGDA Game Accessibility SIG just to remove confusion of what 
> SIG we're talking about (you know, in case someone thinks it's the game 
> accessibility SIG of the united nations or ford motor company!?!). ;)

You know, someone being called a chair is really odd when english is not 
your native language...

> maybe we'll all have a game accessibility conference at a relaxation spa 
> on some nice island and then we'll look more awake in version two of the 
> videos? Any votes for location?

Mmm, I heard Costa Rica is nice... ;)

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