[games_access] GDC Video's

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Apr 4 19:47:41 EDT 2006

>>>maybe we'll all have a game accessibility conference at
>>>  a relaxation spa on some nice island and then we'll look more 
>>>awake in version two of the videos? Any votes
>>>  for location?
>>Mmm, I heard Costa Rica is nice... ;)
>I can second that...lived in Costa Rica for a semester as an
>exchange-student in high-school.  There's this nice hotel at
>the base of Volcan Arenal...an active volcano that has a
>great view at night (if it's not cloud-covered) as lava
>burps and boils out of the cone.  It heats the springs and
>pools owned by the hotel.  I'm not sure how much work would
>get done if everybody was just hangin' out in the water all
>day, but it's fun none the less...Very relaxing... :)

I knew we should have gone to Miami to rescue Richard and Sander from 
going to the wrong San Jose! Ok, so the GDC wouldn't have been as 
successful without us attending our sessions...

Ok so it's decided -- next GA SIG meeting is in San Jose -- the one 
in Costa Rica. Or at least we'll pretend we're all there. Anyone have 
any SPF 6000 that they could pass me for my ultra non-tan skin? Or 
"bleek" as the Dutch would say (is that it? did I learn another word 
for real?)

The GA SIG -- where all the best fun ideas come from! :)


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