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Sorry to bring this up (since we'd all want millions of people to start 
voting right away) but I'd like to make a few suggestions that would improve 
your poll, in my opinion. I'd add the following (generally agreed to be 
computer) genres:

- music/rhythm games (singstar, guitar hero, dancedancerevolution, donkey 
konga, vib ribbon, etc.)*
- racing games (needforspeed, motogp4, gran turismo, project gotham racing, 
(- platform games (this is a little outdated and would now certainly go into 
the action/adventure genre - better leave this one from the poll but I'd 
just wanted to mention it)

"Casual" isn't a genre like the others in the list ; "Casual game" is a term 
coined to refer to video games designed to be played to completion in a few 
minutes or less. You could have a 'casual puzzle game' as well as a 'casual 
shooter game'. If you decide to add this one, than you'd certainly have to 
add other (non-)genres as well, such as serious games, mainstream games, 
mobile games, kids games (<7?), etc. But I wouldn't do that in one poll and 
it makes things more complicated (people would want to start voting on a 
'serious mobile action/adventure game for kids')..

I'm a bit unsure what you mean with the "space-exploration/conquest "-genre. 
Can you name an example which is not an RPG, RTS or action/adventure game?

Otherwise, great initiative, Reid!



* I would be very interested in seeing a game that revolves around sound and 
music to be made accessible for people with hearing disabilities. Although I 
bet that since all cue's are already visually present, you can probable play 
these games even without sound...

ps: anyone already know this old petition: 

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Hey everyone,

I have a poll up at my Games[CC] website
(http://gamescc.rbkdesign.com) asking which genre of game we should
look to for selecting our next game to close caption. I've explained
it in more detail at the site if interested. Feel free to vote and
influence the future direction of Games[CC], thanks!

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