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Mentioning using the technology of video phone translators for emotional translation translating emotions in the voice with sign language in a videogame is very interesting.  Is it suggested that the service would be used for all online gamers while they are using this technology while they are playing a game translate to other gamers online possibly?  To me that would be very invasive and not private having a third-party some person we don't know who visually telling the other person what we're seeing are doing in the game but the link Richard gave for a virtual sign language person I think could definitely be implemented.  Perhaps creating a mode of animation for the death were all the characters are sign language into each other and the camera angles would have to pick up their hand motion that would eliminate the text on the screen may be a different approach than has been done before but it is a lot of animation however ritual gloves could be used to track that motion and simply motion tracking that into the animation.  A lot of extra work creating a second animation sequence for videogames unless it's just tied in as part of how the people in the game such as the characters communicate.


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