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I enjoyed the little quick animation Richard that you gave me the mayhem in the bottom right corner he is pulling his column is that supposed to represent pulling out a sword because the other woman isn't doing sign language is that what you're referring to as an animated character using sign language?

Reid thanks for suggesting using characters at least one that communicates using sign language.  I will keep their mind when I create videogames having at least one character may be the love interest of my main character for a game I'm developing throughout my videogame classes have her to the sign language as a deaf lover that would definitely sparked a lot of communication translation and interest in that community I think.  It forces the main character who always reverts back to his goal saving her, being with her to communicate with her in a way that many relate to which is sign language or other methods so it would be cool to implement something I didn't think of before and sharing the beautiful communication as Reid suggests learning about how sign language can be beautiful.  I wasn't aware of that.  I guess it strengthens the bond when you don't have a traditional way of communication it forces two people in a relationship to learn more about each other and could strengthen even the relationship in my character store development.  I'm thinking that might even increase the interest of female characters to my games to see this love interest love situation evolve from not be able to communicate to communicating on a very emotional female interest level driven toward that market.  Could that be possible?  I certainly think so.  One

Thank you Richard for those links about software that translates text into virtual sign language in.  It's a great resource and I hope to start filling in the gamers with physical disabilities forum section soon.  A lot of what we talk about will be translated in those forums I think here from this newsletter.

For an animated I think it would be easy to incorporate those hand motions into a character using motion tracking and gloves to pick up hand /finger detail.  Is there a lot of emotion translated through the face in sign language also and I didn't know there were different languages.  I thought sign language was universal but that's something to learn about I guess the American version would be standard?

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