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"A movie you might want to watch that features
communication difficulties between those that speak orally and those
that speak ASL is called "Children of a Lesser God"."  Said Reid.

Thank you for the reference movie I will definitely watch it.  It's something so much involved with sign language it seems for fighting games like you suggest body language tells so much and written text on the bottom of the screen seems like it should still do its purpose.  Followed by the or along with the action of the characters while they're talking.  This is not do justice for a person who cannot here as well to play any game following only text or is there a dire need for something such as 3-D animated person using sign language?  I guess for the slower games like you suggest I would be easier to follow the emotional content picking up symbols very easily.  I would have to be followed with text anyway for those that don't know sign language.  For now I'm sticking with creating one of my characters who has a lot of involvement in the story telling the story to be in sign language because emotional attraction in both male and female main characters means they both have to translate the same way so a lot of the story line will be translated very well in a nonverbal relation.  Thanks for the movie.  I hope to learn this communication factor in it.  I'll let you know what I find.

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