[games_access] sign language characters? Reid, Richard, Anyone

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Fri Apr 14 03:24:42 EDT 2006

> Hmm...didn't know that BSL did the alphabet with two hands.
> In addition, back on this side of the pond, we have not only
> ASL, but SEE (Signed-Exact-English).  SEE is a
> transliteration of spoken/written English into an exact sign
> representation.  I don't know if SEE has wandered outside
> the US.

In a way. We have Sign-a-long - which sounds very similar to SEE and also 
Makaton - which is a very simplified form of BSL, created for Learning 
Disabled people (http://www.makaton.org/)...


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