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Jeannie Novak currently is my instructor for game production team a class
I'm taking.  I've been in several of her classes at the Art Institute online
game design.  While me and Jeannie met up at GDC so glad to see that she's
looking to us for more accessible features I know she published an interview
with me about game accessibility in her previous last release, Game
Development Essentials Interface Design.  That's cool.  Just came out like
last month actually.

she is an excellent teacher.  I'd love to contribute to the book that our
accessibility group is writing please let me know how I can.  I would
recommend some of those games that you can play just with a head tracker
mouse.  Don't remember the site but previously others of this mailing list
talk about it just use their mouse and no clicking just to play the game
would be an excellent reference.
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Hi all,

Jeannie Novak, who is the lead author and editor of the Game 
Development Essentials book series, is hoping to include some 
examples of accessible games, etc in a DVD for their book series. If 
you have a game or demo or video that you are interested in getting 
included in this, please email me off-list (hinn at uiuc.edu) as soon as 
possible (preferably before Monday). I know this is an amazingly late 
request but she really wants to include some information about 
accessibility in her series and so I think that if we could get a few 
things on that DVD, that would be pretty cool!

Note that the IGDA Game Accessibility SIG along with 
GameAccessibility.com is planning a separate book by the same 
publishing group to go into print early 2008 so this won't be the 
last request for stuff -- and for that request we'll need as much 
accessible media as possible!! But this is another (and sooner!) 
chance for some high profile publicity!!

Here's some more info on the book series (and, yes, I have brought up 
the issue of including a text version of the book on that DVD, which 
I think that they are going to do -- yeah!):

Delmar Learning publishing company as one the editors of the book 
series Game Development Essentials. Game Development Essentials is 
becoming one of our best selling series and a reference in the video 
game industry. We would like to invite you to be part of this 
project. We are looking for any media (text, graphics, audio, video) 
related to accessibility for our Game Interface Design companion DVD.

Note: Delmar will contact anyone who wants to include something for 
their official permission separately. I don't handle that bit (whew!) 
but I'm trying to round up interested media authors asap for them! :)

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