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Yeah , me too. I kinda spread the word about this game to the blind community and also that they should support Nintendo for their effort. I'm very glad many are picking this up and I can't wait for us (GA-SIG/GA.com) to start communicating the feedback back to developers...

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  I did not read all of the article, not yet, thank you for sharing definitely proves that there is such a niche market out there being ignored some day once it is explored is going to explode and I can't wait for us to be right in the middle of it.  If we ever get a huge grant or a company to agree to make an accessible game all around I know it's going to be supported by all of us spreading the word.  Makes me feel like I want to be one of the first to make that game right in it I know because the market's going to be huge.  Nintendo almost have something here may be too much afraid to explore the unknown quite ignorantly if you ask me.



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  Just wanted you to send this Nintendo-game review of a blind gamer:





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