[games_access] Game Accessibility Project

AudioGames.net richard at audiogames.net
Fri Feb 3 06:16:20 EST 2006


Some time ago I told you about the Game Accessibility project we were 
setting up here in Holland at the Accessibility Foundation. The first draft 
of the website is online (although still very very very empty):


The website/project has not yet officially been launched (we are still 
adding the basic content) but I thought I'd give you all the preview. You 
may notice I have taken the liberty of adding the IGDA GA-SIG+link to the 
"partner"-list, although we are likely to change that word (we don't have 
real project "partners" in this project). But I hope that with through this 
project we can setup some sort of collaboration with the GA-SIG. Hopefully 
the GDC will be a good chance to explore the possibilities :)

So much for now! Greets,


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