[games_access] Game Accessibility Project

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Fri Feb 3 11:56:26 EST 2006

> http://www.game-accessibility.com

One minor nit (I'd go so far as to call it a micro-nit...perhaps 
measured with scientific notation... 1.0e-10 nit ;)

on the "Project Aims" page


for some reason, the "The main activities within the Game 
Accessibility project" line doesn't have the same left-padding as 
the rest of the site...it runs right up against the bar on the 
left.  At least here in Mozilla-Suite 1.7 and FireFox.  It looks 
like you have the "The aims of the Game Accessibility project 
are" line in a <p> tag, while the problematic one isn't wrapped 
in a <p> tag.  Don't know if that will fix it, but it's my first 

Otherwise, it works nicely in Mozilla-Suite, FireFox, lynx, and 
links.  It even works with JavaScript turned off in Moz and FF (I 
usually surf with it turned off, as most vulnerabilities rely on it)

I did get a JavaScript runtime error using IE on the above page:

Line: 17
Error:  'childNodes.2.childNodes.1' is null or is not an object

...if it's of any help to you.  However, I try to avoid IE to the 
best of my abilities ;)

All looks quite nice!  Now, just waiting for content (ah, the 
hard part...)


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