Justice was: [games_access] With Gaming and Accessibility for all...

Jonathan Chetwynd j.chetwynd at btinternet.com
Sun Feb 5 04:11:45 EST 2006


I love the juxtaposition of justice, disability, gaming and  
particularly the limp controller....
this really made me laugh, which is sadly rare event ~:"
and as humour succeeds let's go for it...

have you seen this sculpture: http://www.fourthplinth.co.uk/ 
it's full of joy, perhaps triumphing adversity
could the controller lead be held in her teeth like a dog?

thanks and congratulations again

Jonathan Chetwynd

I instantly thought of the three monkeys "hear, see and speak no  
evil" and wondered could they have a place?

On 4 Feb 2006, at 19:22, Tim Chase wrote:

I finally took a whack at making a "lady justice holding a  
controller".  Any likes?  Dislikes?  Comments?  Ways to improve?




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