[games_access] Meetings this week

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Sun Feb 5 18:48:29 EST 2006

thanks, thomas!

btw -- i'm working on the wiki stuff -- it will be online
before the meeting tomorrow! :)


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>Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2006 00:42:41 +0100
>From: "Thomas Westin" <thomas at pininteractive.com>  
>Subject: [games_access] Meetings this week  
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>   Hi,
>   at our last SIG online meeting I promised to send
>   out reminders before each meeting, I'll do my best
>   to do so
>   we will intensify our meeting frequency until GDC
>   2006, so there will be meetings every Monday,
>   Wednesday and Friday every week, unless anything
>   else is said
>   So Monday 6, meeting at 12.00 EST (New York) or
>   18.00 GMT +1 (Stockholm)
>   Same time of day at Wednesday and Friday
>   (I will not be able to attend this Monday but
>   Wednesday and Friday is OK)
>   Kind regards,
>   Thomas
>   9 years of development and education with
>   Adobe/Macromedia Director
>   Award at the Independent Games Festival:
>   www.terraformers.nu
>   Founder of IGDA Game Accessibility SIG
>   www.igda.org/accessibility
>   http://www.pininteractive.com
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