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hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Wed Feb 22 18:47:18 EST 2006

no problem reid -- life happens.

so i'd say for now just work on the outline and powerpoint (if
you plan to present slides) for your section on auditory
disabilities and get them to me as soon as you can. i know
your life is upside down right now though!


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>Is the mod itself on the CD?
>Sorry I haven't been participating much in uploading files or
>or planning. The movers still have yet to deliver my
furniture and I'm
>still living out of a hotel with limited internet access.
>On 2/22/06, Barrie Ellis <barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Just uploaded Reid's Doom 3 [cc] videos to the CD too. Just
a reminder - we
>> can't use "Space Invaders for Blind" which I mistakenly put
on the disk.
>> Great that we've got Access Invaders in its place though.
>> I agree - the CD is looking good.
>> Barrie
>> www.OneSwitch.org.uk
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