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Tue Jan 10 16:55:00 EST 2006

Heh. Yeah, I didn't think about all the other things people
could think we are representing with "game not over." Lol.

Anyway, I like the idea of retro games coming in. How about,
extending Richard's idea, a pac man in a wheel chair talking
to a space invader using text balloons with "game not over?"
"yeah man. game accessibility." Maybe we could also have them
looking at a screen that has "game not over" in braille? or a
gamepad with braille on the keys?

Ok, not great text there but I'm thinking that we might do
well to go with something retro. and something that was kinda
eye catching -- something that said "whoa, where'd you get
THAT shirt" -- and then we pull them into the conversation. :)



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>I also agree with your argument of too much text and Reid's
suggestion of a 
>minimal approach. I personally like a symbol/sign to go with
the text, to 
>give the TEXT a bit more CONTEXT .Thomas already did a very
good job with 
>the typo, which clearly refers to gaming in my opinion.
Here's some stuff 
>I've been busy with for the Game Accessibility project: 
>http://www.audiogames.net/aglogs/galogo.jpg and 
>http://www.audiogames.net/aglogs/gafiller003.jpg (will dig up
more next 
>week). I believe it was on this list (or at least on the
AGDev list) several 
>of us were thinking about such a design and came up with
ideas like: "pacman 
>with a cane", "space invaders with text balloon", "gamepad with 
>accessibility icons", etc. Maybe we can think a bit more and
come up with a 
>cool sign/symbol that works well with the text, so that
people won't think 
>we're the party that promotes the legalisation of game cheats
or new PSP 
>battery packs :)
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>I also think there is too much text. I wish we had a logo of
some kind
>that communicated accessible gaming. If we go with text, I
think we
>can get away with a minimal approach, simple "game NOT over"
text on
>the chest portion in big bold letters and "Game Accessiblity
SIG" or a
>statement, "Support Game Accessibility" on the back across the
>shoulder blades.
>It's always hard to read specific information like a website
>on moving targets (people walking). Hopefully, the shirt will
>people to stop those wearing it and ask what it's all about.
Let's not
>forget that people will be looking at their program guides
everyday at
>GDC to find interesting events to attend. If someone has seen us
>wearing the "game NOT over" t-shirt, they are more likely to
>the words in a program guide and read more about it.
>On 1/10/06, Tim Chase <agdev at thechases.com> wrote:
>> > I've done a GA-SIG t-shirt design for the conference, and
>> > which we can also sell to get people to donate to us (I can
>> > simply remove the GDC/Tutorial day text at the bottom for
>> > those t-shirts)
>> >
>> > What do you think?
>> I like it.  Particularly the "Game Not Over" logo.  I do think
>> it's a bit busy/crowded with all those bits in there:
>>         * the IGDA logo
>>         * the "Game Not Over"
>>         * the "IGDA Tutorial day"/conference bit
>>         * the IGDA Game Accessibility SIG + URL bit
>> It seems a bit much organized as such.  I don't know if it
>> be possible to do some front/back work (I know it raises
>> unfortunately), or shrink/condense the parts other than the
>> Not Over" portion.
>> If one's considering sponsor logos on there (I heard talk of
>> corporate sponsorship at one point, but don't remember if that
>> moved forward), one could do the "Game Not Over" on the front,
>> with the remaining three bits plus the sponsor info on the
>> Or even without sponsor logos, the extra verbiage would go well
>> on the back, leaving the front's message/teaser to stand alone.
>> Just a few from-the-hip thoughts.
>> -tim
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