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hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Jan 10 15:59:23 EST 2006

I'm wondering if we should just make it a "game not over"
shirt with the website address rather than advert the tutorial
(which might be over by the time the bulk of the GDC attendees
get to GDC since they might only have expo passes). What do
you think?

Still working out the details with the sponsorship -- am
waiting to hear from the IGDA how that works exactly from a
financial standpoint. Sponsor logo(s) could go on the sleeve
as well.

Just a few more thoughts! :)

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>> I've done a GA-SIG t-shirt design for the conference, and 
>> which we can also sell to get people to donate to us (I can 
>> simply remove the GDC/Tutorial day text at the bottom for 
>> those t-shirts)
>> What do you think?
>I like it.  Particularly the "Game Not Over" logo.  I do think
>it's a bit busy/crowded with all those bits in there:
>	* the IGDA logo
>	* the "Game Not Over"
>	* the "IGDA Tutorial day"/conference bit
>	* the IGDA Game Accessibility SIG + URL bit
>It seems a bit much organized as such.  I don't know if it would
>be possible to do some front/back work (I know it raises prices,
>unfortunately), or shrink/condense the parts other than the "Game
>Not Over" portion.
>If one's considering sponsor logos on there (I heard talk of
>corporate sponsorship at one point, but don't remember if that
>moved forward), one could do the "Game Not Over" on the front,
>with the remaining three bits plus the sponsor info on the back.
>Or even without sponsor logos, the extra verbiage would go well
>on the back, leaving the front's message/teaser to stand alone.
>Just a few from-the-hip thoughts.
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