[games_access] quad accessible cell phone? Gaming but no accessibility.

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Wed Jan 11 21:59:01 EST 2006

Tomorrow I'm going to call the corporate office of verison to see what they have for hands-free phones.  There are a lot of games being played on funds these days and I most likely can't play them even with the touchscreen funds like the new horizon Treo 700w. I did a search on hands-free phones but Google only gave me one company I didn't e-mail them yet but I'll have to check on their web site info for you all to see.  I don't remember it.  Try Google search for "hands-free quad cell phone" it will most likely, like when I found.  Don't put the quote marks though.  Anyone find anything yourselves or know anything about these hands-free phones that I might able to use would be great.

On a side note I expect to get pushed around for an hour until I get to talk to nobody important.  That is when I call verison.
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