[games_access] Another T-Shirt ;)

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Hi again :)

I wasn't really thinking about a B&W t-shirt either. So far my sketch was in 
B&W only to show the idea. I'd prefer to use colour!



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> Barrie said:
>>Not sure why we are planning to have a b&w T-shirt. Cafe
> Press T-shirts are
>>as many colours as you like aren't they? What's the
> difference in price, and
>>what are the plans for them?
> It's my understanding that even cafe press charges more for
> using more than one color ink. If you go to a regular tshirt
> shop, additional colors of ink costs more money. That doesn't
> mean we have to have a traditional black ink on white t-shirt
> -- the ink could be purple on a green t-shirt (yipes). But
> introducing an extra color of ink brings up the cost. How
> much? I'm not sure.
> On cafe press, however, you can have the same design printed
> on a whole rainbow of colors of shirts, with the price
> depending on the price of the garment (ie, some shirts will be
> more expensive). Adding an extra color to the design (ie, red
> and blue ink versus just blue ink) also adds to the cost. So
> the same tshirt would cost a little more if there is more than
> one color in the design.
> Michelle
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