[games_access] Another T-Shirt ;)

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Sun Jan 15 17:36:32 EST 2006

Barrie said:

>Not sure why we are planning to have a b&w T-shirt. Cafe
Press T-shirts are 
>as many colours as you like aren't they? What's the
difference in price, and 
>what are the plans for them?

It's my understanding that even cafe press charges more for
using more than one color ink. If you go to a regular tshirt
shop, additional colors of ink costs more money. That doesn't
mean we have to have a traditional black ink on white t-shirt
-- the ink could be purple on a green t-shirt (yipes). But
introducing an extra color of ink brings up the cost. How
much? I'm not sure.

On cafe press, however, you can have the same design printed
on a whole rainbow of colors of shirts, with the price
depending on the price of the garment (ie, some shirts will be
more expensive). Adding an extra color to the design (ie, red
and blue ink versus just blue ink) also adds to the cost. So
the same tshirt would cost a little more if there is more than
one color in the design.


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