[games_access] Another T-Shirt ;)

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat Jan 14 16:44:59 EST 2006

cool! i like the more cartoony idea -- i think it's a reminder
that games are supposed to be "fun" first and foremost. yep,
understood that this is a rough sketch still -- great start

i'm wondering if we should have a wheel chair turned 90
degrees so that it's the profile and more easily seen? maybe
we could use the standard wheelchair that you'd find on an
accessible parking space, only still a little more cartoony?
maybe we some race tracks behind it like it's speeding off
into the distance? just some more ideas. :)

ooh...you know, i just thought about munch's odyssey (the
oddworld game) where munch, the main character, is in a
wheelchair for parts of the game because he only has one leg.
i'm wondering if we could get permission to use that image --
if not now, maybe for a future shirt for e3 or some such?

anyway, back to the gdc shirt -- yeah let's keep going in this
direction -- i like the minimalist retro cartoon style. if we
could make the arcade machine a bit more rounded?

i think we could have the shirt in some fun colors too --
maybe medium blue text on a lighter blue shirt or blue text on
a brown shirt or dark green on a medium green shirt? something
that's not just black text on a white or grey shirt or white
text on a black shirt -- i have more than enough of those and
we want something that really stands out.


ps -- when you send attachments to the list, please note that
i have to approve them in the admin settings before they get
sent on. so if your message doesn't get out right away, don't
panic. :)

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>   Hi,
>   Here's a quick (!) sketch of a possible design.
>   Several of you liked the design I made for the Game
>   Accessibility project. I basically re-used the idea
>   but changed the perspective. Although this is a VERY
>   rough sketch, what do you think of the idea? I think
>   it would be nice to make it more 'cartoony'. This is
>   a bit of a serious arcade machine and wheelchair.
>   Just thinking here...
>   Greets,
>   Richard
>   ps: I've not included the IGDA logo/text, I assume
>   it would go under the image...
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