[games_access] Another T-Shirt ;)

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Sun Jan 15 06:31:45 EST 2006

The T-shirt saga.

Wish I could knock up graphics like that in 10 minutes, Richard. That said, 
I do agree with you that the wheelchair is not so easy to make out. I've 
attached a quick T-shirt design that is very simple but might be easier to 

I do like your coin-op machine, but any re-designs would be interesting to 

Not sure why we are planning to have a b&w T-shirt. Cafe Press T-shirts are 
as many colours as you like aren't they? What's the difference in price, and 
what are the plans for them?

I'll send a blank T-shirt next e-mail for anyone wanting to use it...

Good work all,


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