[games_access] Another T-Shirt ;)

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Hi Tim,

Sure, I can squeeze the text any way you like :) Please note that this is 
something I made in 10 minutes and not a final design or anything. Even if 
we agree on using an image such as this one, I prefer to do some 
experimention with different designs (with text next to it, under it, 
colours, size and placement on t-shirt, etc.) I was not too happy with the 
joystick either, it would be better to get it below the screen so it is all 
in white. The current scale of the wheelchair is also a bit weird with the 
scale of the arcade machine.
About Michelle's idea for turning the wheelchair around 90: first of all I'd 
like to say that a wheelchair seen from the back is a bit harder to 
recognize than one seen from the side (that's why all accessibility signs I 
know use a wheelchair seen from the side). Although this is only a sketch, I 
foresee that doing a cartoony wheelchair from the back might be a bit tricky 
(needs some good designing). So a wheelchair from the side is much easier, 
but people might interpret such an image as "an arcade machine with a 
wheelchair sticker/print on it" or "a handicap sign stuck on an arcade 
machine", espcecially with a higher abstract level than this sketch, instead 
of "a wheelchair IN FRONT of an arcade machine". A couple of more sketches 
may probably show what direction is best. In the meantime, please post your 


ps: I personally like the idea of this image combined with Thomas's original 

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>I like the "from the back" perspective...subtle, yet obvious when you look 
>at it long enough.  I did find the joystick looked a little funky, being 
>split in color (black in the screen, white on the console). Perhaps a black 
>outline around a purely white joystick?  It would make it look a little 
>more uniform.  Otherwise, nice work!  (and it's even a single color, which 
>makes printing tshirts less expensive ;)
> -tim
> PS:  Does your image editor make it fairly easy to squeeze the text 
> (making it look "starwars opening"-ish) so that it matches the trapezoidal 
> nature of the screen on which it's printed?
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