[games_access] from wheelchair perspective. Inaccessible arcades.

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Sun Jan 15 18:48:32 EST 2006

Heh. I like the concept of the second one (the one with the
dead ghost-like character). I wonder if for "hearing" there
could be a voice bubble above the ghost that had "[cc] (or a
small ear): i've been hit. game over? game NOT over!"

Dunno...just running with it. Not sure that makes any sense or
not. I like the concept of audio, vision, and mobility all
attacking the bad guy in their own way.


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>Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 18:37:06 -0500
>From: Reid Kimball <rkimball at gmail.com>  
>Subject: Re: [games_access] from wheelchair perspective.
Inaccessible arcades.  
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>I doubt these will be final designs but hopefully they could
spark a
>better idea:
>Remember, it's the concept we are trying to solve. Once we have a
>concept that works hopefully we can find someone to make it look
>On 1/15/06, hinn at uiuc.edu <hinn at uiuc.edu> wrote:
>> Yes, there is an ironic message with arcade game consoles
>> being inaccessible -- good point. I think where we are going
>> with the wheelchair symbol is that it is a universally
>> recognized disability symbol.
>> The problem, of course, is that by extending the wheelchair
>> symbol we suggest that we are primarily concerned with
>> mobility disabilities -- which we are concerned with but we
>> are primarily concerned with the full range of disabilities
>> and increasing the accessibility for all gamers.
>> So there we go...full circle again! Why was it that we
>> couldn't go with pacman in a wheelchair, a space invader with
>> a cane and speech bubbles? ;) KIDDING!!!! No need to go over
>> the intellectual property and being sued thing again. :)
>> Boy...this tshirt is really a hot topic on the list...who knew?
>> Michelle
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>> >Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 18:11:48 -0500
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>> >Subject: [games_access] from wheelchair perspective.
>>  Inaccessible arcades.
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>> >   I just wanted to point out from my perspective this
>> >   design kind of cancels itself out because every
>> >   single arcade is completely not handicapped
>> >   accessible for those in wheelchairs.  A disability
>> >   wheelchair signed on a silhouette arcade machine is
>> >   funny to me because the arcade machine really is a
>> >   great symbol for a game system totally not
>> >   accessible.  First of all consider the height of a
>> >   wheelchair the eye level would be right at the
>> >   controls and you couldn't see down to see the
>> >   screen.  I really do like the other idea I had with
>> >   the mountain and a gold medal wheelchair at the top
>> >   of it.  It represents the trophy the challenge, the
>> >   fun to get the reward and the reward.  What do you
>> >   guys think?  Maybe if I get time I'll do a sketch
>> >   making it look as clean as I can.  Anyone else can
>> >   draw it up also.  Thanks.  Here's the link I just
>> >   copied it so you could reference it from the
>> >   previous discussion message.
>> >   Robert
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