[games_access] T-shirt concept "accessibility for all"

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Mon Jan 16 16:01:39 EST 2006

>Would there be something better than "with gaming and
>accessibility for all"?  This is the accessibility SIG, so
>keeping "accessibility" in there makes sense.  However, if you
>wanted to pander to the diversity umbrella, one could make it
>something more like "with liberty and gaming for all", or "with
>diversity and gaming for all"...all sorts of combinations could
>be done.  Likes?  Dislikes?

Nah, I'm not saying that our shirt has to represent all of the
game diversity committee -- just that there's some irony in
lady liberty in general. :)

No, I think that we should keep the accessibility in there
("with gaming and accessibility for all") if we go this route.
Although...my US-centric brain just reminded me that maybe not
everyone will get the riff on "and liberty and justice for all"?

UGH! I think things through too much and drive myself more
insane...lol :)


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