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Personally, I think this is the biggest selling point of Game Accessibility: 
"here's all your customers now and here's how you're going to lose them over 

Anyone by any chance seen this movie:


Nice example although she doesn't seem to have any accessibility problems...



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> Good one -- and points out that, hey, what happens when you
> keep aging (because we all are) and can't do your favorite
> pasttime any more?
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>>A statistic and article here that may be useful re. the
> potential
>>profitability of accessibility:
>>" Most new gadgets are designed for agile hands. Talk of the
> latest gadgets
>>tends to be about sleek, shiny gizmos with little buttons and
> copious
>>functions. But the big growth area for consumer electronics
> may lie with
>>something less flashy than the latest music player from Apple
> or mobile from
>>Motorola. Instead, the future may lie in devices that care
> for an aging
>>population, used to living on their own and with money to
> spend. The issue
>>is particular pressing in the US, where there are currently
> 36 million
>>Americans over the age of 65.
>>More pressingly, the generation of baby boomers coming, with
> 5,500 of them
>>turning 65 every day. "
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