[games_access] The Right Thing vs. TheProfitable Thing / GDC T-Shirt

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Mon Jan 16 17:52:57 EST 2006

>- I developed an obscure formula for calculating the
potential market of 
>disabled gamers (the foundation that funds the Game
Accessibility Project 
>asked for numbers so I gave them - will share it with you
later, it's not 
>with me at the moment)


>I *do* want to be careful: 
>never give people the idea that we are a bunch of "accessibility 
>evangelists" - that the idea of 'global game accessibility'
is more 
>important than the goals of the game industry. Don't give
designers the idea 
>that they're doing something wrongg. I think that this will
only turn into 

Well...we are a bunch of accessibility evangelists. :) But I
agree that we have to remember that these are people's
creations and that "doing something wrong" is not what we're
pointing out but, rather, helping them see MORE that they can
do right. 

>Being pissed off is fine, Michelle :) Have a drink!*
>*1/2 cranberry juice, 1/4 lime juice, 1/4 wodka - not more
than a liter or 
>you'll be really pissed though!

Ha...not after having my appendix removed a few days ago. But
the pain killers help. :)

Ok...anyone for simply putting the words "game accessibility"
on the d*** shirt and calling it quits?

And, I wrote "run with the sharks" earlier...maybe that's our
new slogan? Catchy and hardly makes sense!


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