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Wow, when my appendix was removed I spent at least a week in the hospital 
(although that was the 1980's)! And I remember being heavily drugged at the 
time too :) Back in those days (and I still believe to some degree that's 
true today) the anaestetics would remain in your system for about 6 months 
or so. That might add to your mood :)

For the record: I do not consider myself to be an accessibility evangelist 
(but please consider yourself to be whatever you want)... ;)

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> >- I developed an obscure formula for calculating the
> potential market of
>>disabled gamers (the foundation that funds the Game
> Accessibility Project
>>asked for numbers so I gave them - will share it with you
> later, it's not
>>with me at the moment)
> cool!
>>I *do* want to be careful:
>>never give people the idea that we are a bunch of "accessibility
>>evangelists" - that the idea of 'global game accessibility'
> is more
>>important than the goals of the game industry. Don't give
> designers the idea
>>that they're doing something wrongg. I think that this will
> only turn into
> Well...we are a bunch of accessibility evangelists. :) But I
> agree that we have to remember that these are people's
> creations and that "doing something wrong" is not what we're
> pointing out but, rather, helping them see MORE that they can
> do right.
>>Being pissed off is fine, Michelle :) Have a drink!*
>>*1/2 cranberry juice, 1/4 lime juice, 1/4 wodka - not more
> than a liter or
>>you'll be really pissed though!
> Ha...not after having my appendix removed a few days ago. But
> the pain killers help. :)
> Ok...anyone for simply putting the words "game accessibility"
> on the d*** shirt and calling it quits?
> And, I wrote "run with the sharks" earlier...maybe that's our
> new slogan? Catchy and hardly makes sense!
> Michelle
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