[games_access] T-shirt saga + Ageing population stat.

Ben Sawyer bsawyer at dmill.com
Tue Jan 17 16:54:31 EST 2006

There have been some articles about Grey Gamers - a UK company (want  
to say codemasters) pubbed some research on it as a market  
phenonmenon (sp?) and got some good press.

The Games for Health Project just announced a research project with  
PopCap games looking at cognitive exercise and games which is  
directly related to gaming.  We will have a session on cognitive  
exercise and games at GDC Serious Games Summit.

- Ben

On Jan 17, 2006, at 4:43 PM, Barrie Ellis wrote:

> No I envisaged you all with your bellies out, having to talk to  
> people from inside the sealed up T-shirt(!)
> Back on planet earth. Re. The "developers risking loosing large  
> swathes of their audience" approach. Another stat for our cause  
> from the Guardian (UK):
> http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/games/archives/2006/01/17/ 
> can_the_games_industry_address_an_ageing_population.html
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4608920.stm (previous BBC  
> article)
> "I was watching breakfast TV this morning waiting for the Golden  
> Globes coverage when they ran one of those 'we're all getting  
> really old' stories. I can't quite recall the figures but  
> apparently in a few years time a quarter of the UK population will  
> be over 60. The report went on to suggest that, due to pension  
> shortfalls, we'd all end up working til we're 70 - probably in B&Q,  
> a retailer that makes it a policy to employ mature and experienced  
> people who can then spend their final days on Earth misdirecting  
> customers to the plumbing aisle. I'm not sure what use a clapped  
> out technology journalist will be to them in 35 years time, but I'm  
> already penning my application letter.
> Anyway, the report got me thinking about videogames and how they're  
> almost exclusively aimed at young men. Not only does this policy  
> cost the industry over 50% of its potential market on gender terms  
> alone, but in a few years time, it's also going to cut out a huge  
> audience on the age side of things too. I wonder, are forward- 
> thinking publishers already having brain-storming sessions in order  
> to address the challenge of the grey gamer? Wired.com ran an  
> article this week on how the ageing population in Japan is bringing  
> about some major cultural changes. Have Namco, Nintendo, Capcom and  
> Konami et al caught the zeitgeist?"
> Barrie
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>>> p.s. - T-Shirt thought: What about printing "Inaccessible
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>>> Inaccessible Games are Annoying!" on the front, then sewing
>> up the head and
>>> arm holes?
>> hahaha. That's great -- and gets the point across. Only
>> thing...should we pin them to our other shirts or what? ;)
>> Michelle
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