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Thomas Westin thomas at pininteractive.com
Wed Jan 18 14:14:39 EST 2006

Hi everyone,

I've been quiet for a while; I've been busy selling our house (need a bigger one) the last two weeks.

so, I'll reply to several things at once here

Doom3[CC] mod in IGF Final
- Congratulations, Reid!!

SIG Meeting
sorry, missed the info about the meeting this Monday; are there Wiki notes?

GDC speakers
just confirming that I and Göran will attend

I like Richards last idea; just text with a nice font - images are cool but takes a lot of time/work to get the right message out with our general approach to accessibility for all. Also, on second thought I agree with earlier replies; the pacman-look alike with my original design is just coincidental - I didn't design that font... (although I chose it because it had this similarity with a well known game character)

Kind regards,

9 years of development and education with Director 2D/3D
Award at the Independent Games Festival: www.terraformers.nu
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