[games_access] aging gamers

David Colven colven at ace-centre.org.uk
Fri Jan 20 10:46:16 EST 2006


I've been lurking on the list for some time now but not had the space to 
contribute.  I think the Microsoft survey results published as a report 
last year  "Accessible Technology in Computing­Examining Awareness, Use, 
and Future Potential" may be useful ammunition when talking to developers, 
particularly when talking about how nearly all of us would benefit from 
assistive technology at some time in out lives.


I would also value the groups comments on a document I have recently 
revised on writing 'Inclusive' software.  You can download it from:


I am now working on re-writing a document (hopefully available in the next 
few weeks) on writing programs specifically for switch users. I'll let you 
know when it is ready for comments.

You may also be interested in the GameOn project at the ACE Centre (we 
didn't pinch the title - just coincidence).


This Tinyurl thing is grate!


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