[games_access] sewing up T-shirts. Roberts Game on pod castinterview.

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At 05:38 PM 1/19/2006, you wrote:
>Don't fret Robert, I was only joking!
>I still think we need any image for the T-shirt. 
>Printed English text alone excludes too many people in my view.
>Re. your video - With my titchy e-mail size 
>limits, could you point me to a location where I 
>can download then upload your video?
>Looking forward to your broadcast.
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>About the idea for sewing up the arms for the 
>T-shirt is that going to not look exactly very 
>pretty?  I'm guessing large thread would need to 
>be used but that seems like a lot of extra work 
>for I'm guessing at least 30 T-shirts but I 
>don't know how many you guys print for the 
>conference.  Also thanks for using the video at 
>the conference it should be very interesting to 
>watch and it is an excellent game.
>I was just interviewed with my friend from my 
>school the Art Institute online yesterday so the 
>pod cast on iTunes is titled Gameon all one 
>word.  I would encourage everyone to check it 
>out and listen to the conversation it was a 
>really good one about accessibility in games and 
>particularly how I play them and I think I made 
>a good conversation.  It will be downloadable at 
>their pod cast tomorrow Friday, January 20.  To 
>get to it looked up under iTunes the pod cast 
>name Gameon all one word. Look for Shawn Sines 
>as one of the commentators and his friend colleague Chuck.
>while about art and videogame accessibility
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