[games_access] asking people at Microsoft? Roberts pod cast.

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Sat Jan 21 13:49:54 EST 2006

Hi -- yes, I used to work at Microsoft Game Studios but I
don't know Bill G. :) But, yes, they do donate a lot of money
but I'm not sure about scholarships. Wouldn't hurt to try!

Yeah, the 360 does only use wireless controllers. I asked some
of my old colleagues at MS Games and they are asking around to
see if they know of any accessible controllers in the works. 


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>Subject: [games_access] asking people at Microsoft?  Roberts
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>   Michelle you mentioned you would ask your contact at
>   Microsoft.  By any chance would you know of the
>   charitable contributions that Mr. Gates and his wife
>   are involved with?  I'm thinking of sending them a
>   letter saying if they could help me out in my
>   education and toward the goal by giving me some sort
>   of grant or charitable contribution to my fund in my
>   name.
>   If anyone wants to hear the conversation about game
>   accessibility me and my friend Shawn Sines on his
>   pod cast iTunes station please type in a search
>   under iTunes for the station called Gameon all one
>   word is episode 50. Download iTunes at Apple's web
>   site free. Thanks.
>   Also the maker of the quad controller I use with my
>   mouth to play games about one year ago Whitney know
>   he would be in the works making a controller for the
>   Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but said it would take
>   them about a year to develop one with the wireless
>   controllers.  I'll send him and e-mail seeing if he
>   has any progress.  I don't think he was aware than
>   that the Xbox 360 also has a wire controller.  The
>   wireless feature would take him longer to figure out
>   so maybe he has something.  If anyone is interested
>   check out their web site and e-mail him also. 
>   www.Quadcontrol.com 
>   Robert
>   www.RobertFlorio.com  all about art and game
>   accessibility
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