[games_access] pod cast interview with Robert Florio

Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
Mon Jan 23 18:53:05 EST 2006

Thank you Barrie for putting up the link to the pod cast interview with Chuck and Shawn Sines on Gameon.  It was my pleasure mentioning your web site and all my friends here at the accessibility forums.  It was just great experience and allowed me really to get into my deepest interest and it was all-natural feelings.  That is so cool.  Anyways I have to get back to a lot of animation and storyboarding for classes before I leave for a wedding January 27-29.  I hope everyone gets a chance to listen to the interview its one the list of discussions to mailing lists e-mail.  Later and I will talk again soon.  If I'm absent from the forums I won't be back until Monday really to have a lot of time to talk.  Thanks everyone.  I'm thrilled my video is on the list of visuals at the conference.  I truly hope that people will visit my link after seeing it at the conference.  Thanks for listing that also.

www.RobertFlorio.com all about art and videogame accessibility
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