[games_access] Solid statistics for GDC 2006 from OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)

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What you have to keep in mind is that aging is not the same as morbidity, 
and that aging does not equal disability.  I always had that problem with 
the EU research funding area for Aging and Disability.  The problem is 
having a disability caused by age (sight and  hearing being the main ones 
as I well know!!) not the fact that one is a particular age.

Although the population age is increasing, morbidity - the time people 
spend being ill or disabled because of their age - is not.  However, there 
is an in-build expectation in society that if you are old then you can't 
cope with technology and must be getting GaGa, which needs to be 
challenged.  We do it to ourselves (e.g. I'm getting old therefore I keep 
forgetting things - despite the fact that everyone forgets things).

A lot of the problems with technology and older people is historic.  Some 
research in the EU has shown, (no reference but I expect I could find one) 
that older people in Sweden can cope with technology whereas those in 
Portugal cannot (on average).  Its simply that those in Portugal have far 
less experience of technology and expect not to be able to use it and lack 
the confidence.

Thioght I'd get that off my chest!  What was the question?


At 22:51 24/01/06, you wrote:
>"Ageing Populations : High Time for Action
>1. Ageing : the challenges ahead
>Population ageing is gathering momentum
>It would be good to tie this up with some stats around how many older 
>people are using I.T. now.
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