[games_access] if selected for scholarship needs assistance

hinn at uiuc.edu hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Jan 31 17:30:03 EST 2006

Hi Robert,

They keep the scholarship selection process very distant from
those of us in IGDA leadership positions so I'm not sure
exactly what the selection process is, etc. However, if you do
receive a scholarship, I would be glad to write to the
conference planners to help explain your circumstances. 

I believe that the conference has to provide reasonable
accommodations for attendees with disabilities so it would
seem logical that an extra pass, etc would be a part of those
accommodations for those needing additional assistance.


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>   Michel or anyone else I was wondering if I get
>   selected for the scholarship to go to the game
>   design conference I believe it also incorporates a
>   form of one of Microsoft's companies or schools in
>   that area.  Anyways that's off topic I am talking
>   about an assistance who has to go with me.  I am 
>   hoping they will provide another all access pass for
>   that person it might be one or two people.  It
>   wouldn't be fair because it's like a seeing eye dog
>   helping me I can't help that but they need to come
>   with the so hoping I will get another two passes if
>   you.  Thanks for the info.
>   Robert
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