[games_access] Complaint regarding Florian Eckhardt

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Sat Jun 3 14:54:34 EDT 2006

> Ok...off soap box for the next minute, anyway.

Hmm...there's this empty soap-box here [Tim ascends and clears 

It might be interesting in a presentation to developers to have 
the audience stand, and then eliminate folks by asking them to 
sit for fairly arbitrary reasons.  Start with some accessibility 
issues and move to more and more fine-grained (and arbitrary) 

"If you've ever been in a wheelchair, please sit down"

"If you've ever worn corrective lenses, please sit down"

"If you've ever broken a bone, please sit down"

"If you're color-blind, please sit down"

"If you've got any allergies, please sit down"

"If you've been sick and taken a day off work in the last three 
years, please sit down"

"If you're not between 5'2" and 5'6", please sit down"

"If you don't make at least $100k/yr, please sit down"

"If you're not female, please sit down"

"If you're not wearing jeans, please sit down"

"If they're not made by Levi Strauss, please sit down"

"I'm sorry, this game can only be played by those of you that are 
still standing"

Ideally, you'd leave only one person still standing at the end of 
it. :)

Just a random idea...


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