[games_access] Welcome all new members (and just-out-of-lurkdom members!)

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sat Jun 3 17:25:49 EDT 2006

Wow -- it's great to see some many new members and new non-lurkers 
out and about on the list! Welcome! Always feel free to chime in on 
any in-progress topic or raise new topics. We're serious about games 
and serious about game accessibility but we're also generally 
hilarious and quirky too, especially when you catch us en masse in 
person at a conference or somesuch. But if you haven't caught us in 
person (yet) -- don't be shy! We only bite those who make really 
offensive anti-accessibility comments and then use their carcuses as 
fuel for our fire.

Uh...have I been playing too many fighting games and/or FPS games 
lately? What was that I just said??

Anyway...welcome and glad to have you on board! Don't forget to also 
check out our forums hosted by members Richard and Sander at 

Chairperson, IGDA Game Accessibility SIG
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