[games_access] Arcade Sticks with two+ sticks...

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Tue Jun 6 22:08:38 EDT 2006

> There's got to be a method to provide both analog and
> traditional single stick digital control configurations.

While now an antiquated gaming device, the old Gravis Gamepad 
provided digital inputs on the analog X/Y axis.  The hardware can 
be found on ebay, and wouldn't be too hard to wire your favorite 
devices/buttons for actualizing their presses.  A little basic 
hardware (soldering your preferred switches in place of the 
buttons) would serve.  The granularity could be a bit annoying as 
you described, but it was playable, and felt like the old-school 
8-bit Nintendo game-pads.  Even had auto-repeat functionality for 
the A and B buttons.

Building the more old-school joysticks is easy enough--made my 
own in a freshman computer course, which expected no background 
in hardware skills (which is good, as I'm not much of a hardware 
guy).  Building a USB or serial might be more complex than a 
15-pin joystick-port connector.


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