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Yes, I too am too overbooked this year :) However, if anyone wants some 
examples of 'games for health' than I got some examples laying around 
(somewhere!) here (such as Gasp, a video game in which you play a pearl 
diver who has to retrieve as many pearls as possible in just one dive. The 
game is controlled by a breath controller and thus the true challenge is the 
player's respiration and lung capacity. The game can be used for training 
purposes for people with astma and hyperventilation...



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> Well, unfortunately I'm definitely overbooked for this year. To my 
> knowledge the only person in the SIG who this is local for is Robert 
> Florio. He lives nearby and I would think would make an excellent 
> speaker -- Robert, any interest?
> Michelle
>>We might be able to help with some of this if we're convinced it can be a 
>>great set of sessions.
>>We're in Baltimore, MD at the university of maryland school of medicine.
>>I'll both make no promises but do as much as a I can.
>>- Ben
>>On Jun 7, 2006, at 4:34 PM, d. michelle hinn wrote:
>>>Thanks for the email, Ben!
>>>Couple questions...Where is it? And is there any reimbursement for the 
>>>speaker's travel expenses? We have no SIG funding and a lot of us already 
>>>committed to at least one conference (Develop Brighton, which I see you 
>>>are speaking at as well) in the next three months...which means our own 
>>>budgets have been bled dry!
>>>>Yes and specifically our conference.
>>>>On Jun 7, 2006, at 1:50 PM, Reid Kimball wrote:
>>>>>I'm guessing this is what you're talking about?
>>>>>On 6/7/06, Ben Sawyer <bsawyer at dmill.com> wrote:
>>>>>>Can IGDA Games Accessibility Sig provide a speaker for Games for
>>>>>>Health on 9/28-9/29
>>>>>>I'm specifically looking for two sessions...
>>>>>>1. A small (meaning I expect the audience to be say 30-40 talk on
>>>>>>game accessibility technology.  This would also be aimed not only at
>>>>>>making games more accessible to handicapped populations but also as
>>>>>>interface and technologies that might be used in rehab, motor skills
>>>>>>therapy, etc.
>>>>>>2. A larger talk focused on games that may be specifically for people
>>>>>>with a variety of conditions chronic or otherwise.
>>>>>>- Ben
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