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Robert Florio arthit73 at
Thu Jun 8 16:54:47 EDT 2006

Then I am located in clever in Maryland and would be most likely to speak at
your event about videogames for accessibility and rehabilitation purposes.
That's right up my interests as a 24-year-old pleasure plegic game designer
third year at the Art Institute online.  I'm very involved with this group
also the moderator of gamers with physical disabilities at .

GDC scholar winner previously game developers conference and working on
prototypes of some games with friends in the process.  Please let me know if
I could help you this would be a great opportunity and be able to share
knowledge with people.

My goal is to develop games for rehabilitation all purposes games that are
accessible so you can use it for any purpose not just rehab.

Thank you Michele for letting Ben know about me.
Robert Florio
Art Institute online SGA President 

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Well, unfortunately I'm definitely overbooked for this year. To my 
knowledge the only person in the SIG who this is local for is Robert 
Florio. He lives nearby and I would think would make an excellent 
speaker -- Robert, any interest?


>We might be able to help with some of this if we're convinced it can 
>be a great set of sessions.
>We're in Baltimore, MD at the university of maryland school of medicine.
>I'll both make no promises but do as much as a I can.
>- Ben
>On Jun 7, 2006, at 4:34 PM, d. michelle hinn wrote:
>>Thanks for the email, Ben!
>>Couple questions...Where is it? And is there any reimbursement for 
>>the speaker's travel expenses? We have no SIG funding and a lot of 
>>us already committed to at least one conference (Develop Brighton, 
>>which I see you are speaking at as well) in the next three 
>>months...which means our own budgets have been bled dry!
>>>Yes and specifically our conference.
>>>On Jun 7, 2006, at 1:50 PM, Reid Kimball wrote:
>>>>I'm guessing this is what you're talking about?
>>>>On 6/7/06, Ben Sawyer <bsawyer at> wrote:
>>>>>Can IGDA Games Accessibility Sig provide a speaker for Games for
>>>>>Health on 9/28-9/29
>>>>>I'm specifically looking for two sessions...
>>>>>1. A small (meaning I expect the audience to be say 30-40 talk on
>>>>>game accessibility technology.  This would also be aimed not only at
>>>>>making games more accessible to handicapped populations but also as
>>>>>interface and technologies that might be used in rehab, motor skills
>>>>>therapy, etc.
>>>>>2. A larger talk focused on games that may be specifically for people
>>>>>with a variety of conditions chronic or otherwise.
>>>>>- Ben
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