[games_access] Font type and sizes in games

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Mon Jun 12 03:36:43 EDT 2006

Wondering if people have any thoughts, links to preferred fonts in games, 
after this thread:


"Just to amuse - I used to work for a college that had Comic Sans as the 
standard font - we had to type every document in Comic Sans, until we got a 
visit from the RNIB... Apparently Comic Sans is one of the worst fonts for 
anyone who isn't dyslexic!

Also we were banned from mixing colours in text, because that made things 
even worse...

So the moral seems to be make the menu colours and text in games based on 
the user's Windows defaults or something. Then they will automatically get 
the right mix of colours and characters... I think... "

I mentioned that web-wise, the RNIB (Royal National Institute of the Blind) 
have "verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif" as their order of preference on 
their web-site, as to how it should display the bulk of text.

Quite a few people spoke of Comic Sans, mentioning that it may be of benefit 
to dyslexics - but there was some dispute. I personally don't like it, but 
that's from an aesthetic stand point.

Re-scalable fonts will be a tough one I think... But what do you think?


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